Meissen china, Meissen dinnerware, vases, meissen figurines, meissen porcelain

Meissen Porcelain, Meissen Dinnerware
Meissen China, Meissen Vases, Meissen Cabinet Pieces, Meissen Figurines

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Click Here for a History of Meissen Has An Extensive Selection of Antique Meissen China and Dinnerware
Meissen Boucher vases Back of Boucher vases 18th century Meissen
Early Meissen

Pair of Meissen vases with
Boucher scenes beautifully
painted on front and flowers
in the back, ca-1880s
-1890s, SOLD

Back of Meissen vases with
Boucher scenes,ca-
1880s-1890s, SOLD

Collection of late 18th-early
19th century Meissen.
All prices on request

Collection of Dot Meissen
and Marcolini Meissen,.
prices on request,
pieces can be sold separately
Meissen figural turreen Flowered vase Pair of Meissen cobalt flowered vases Meissen star plates
Meissen figural Streublumen
turreen, Circa 1880s-1890s
Meissen cobalt snake
handled vase with flowers,
circa-1923-1933, sold
Pair of Meissen cobalt and flowered vases
with two different bouquets on each vase,
6 1/2" tall by 5 1/2 " wide,
20th century, $1400.00     
Meissen star plates, circa-
late 19th early 20th C.
, 10 inches 
Purple Indian plates Purple Indian reticulated Blue Onion reticulated Openwork bowl
6 Meissen Purple Indian reticulated
plates, circa-1870s, 9 1/4 inches,sold
11 Meissen Purple Indian
reticulated plates, 8 1/4", Price on Request
12 Meissen reticulated
blue onion plates,
8 1/4 inches, Price on Request
Meissen reticulated
flowered bowl, ca-1900, Price on Request
Reticulated bowls Meissen marcolini charger Meissen marcolini charger Meissen creamers
Pair of Meissen reticulated
square bowls, ca 1890s
One of a pair of Meissen Marcolini
reticulated bird chargers
diameter- 14 inches, ca-1774-1814, SOLD
Other of the pair of Meissen Marcolini
reticulated bird chargers diameter
is 14 inches, ca-1774-1814, SOLD  
Meissen Purple Indian creamers,
1890s-1900, Sold. We have 2 Meissen purple
Indian creamers, one 6 inches by 6 inches and the
other 4 inches tall by 5 inches deep,
1880s, Price on Request
Rare Meissen pitcher Pink rose plates Meissen cobalt vase Meissen bird vase
Rare Meissen pitcher,
ca-19th century, sale pending.
6 Meissen pink rose
plates ca-1880s, Sold
Meissen cobalt snake
handled vase, Circa 1900, Sold
Meissen bird vase with caterpillar and
butterfly on back, 5 1/2" tall,
4 3/4" wide, 20th century, Sold 

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