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KPM flowered bowl KPM flowered bowls Berlin reticulated bowls KPM rams head vase
KPM bowl with flowers, orb and
septre mark, 10 1/4 inches,
flowers on each side, Sold
KPM oval bowls with flowers,
ca-1912,orb and septre mark,
10 inches, Sold
Berlin reticulated bowls
with butterflies and flowers, septre mark, 7 1/2 inches, $695.00 each, one left
KPM rams head vase,
orb and septre mark,
7 inches tall, $1200.00
Pair KPM baskets KPM reticulated baskets KPM turreen
12 KPM fruit plates, each painted differently, 8 1/2" and a round platter, 10 3/4", ca-1913, Sold KPM reticulated baskets with raised flowers and birds, 12 inches long   Inside of KPM baskets, orb and septre marks       Beautiful KPM turreen with raised flowers, ca-1890s-1900, $2600.00, 15"wide, 12" tall      
Pair of KPM finely painted urns Pair of KPM urns with cobalt and flowers KPM salt KPM scenic plates
Pair of KPM cobalt and flowered urns, each with 4 cartouches of flowers, ca-1900-1910, 12" by 10", each finely painted, SOLD         Other side of pair of KPM covered urns, with beautiful paintings of flowers, four bouquets on each vase, SOLD    KPM salt with putti, 6
inches tall, orb and
septre mark, Sold
1830s KPM scenic plates, very rare, 7 inches, sold        
KPM  reticulated plates Berlin bird bowl Berlin tray of lovers KPM cherub
6 KPM raspberry colored reticulated plates with raised flowers, 8 3/4 inches, $495 each       Berlin bird bowl, septre mark, 13 1/2 inches long, $995.00       Berlin tray with lovers and butterflies, septre mark, 17 inches, $1200.00       KPM figure of putti with a snake around his cane, 4 3/4 inches, orb and septre mark, Sold      
Berlin scenic plate Berlin cabinet cup KPM fruit bowl KPM plaque in Black Forest frame
Berlin reticulated scenic plate, with people dancing and playing music, 9 1/4 inches, $1500.00       Berlin cabinet cup and saucer, septre mark, Sold       KPM fruit bowl, 15 inches long, ca-1912, Sold       Large KPM plaque in carved Black Forest frame, raised carvings of knights and castles, 12 1/2" by 5 1/2" without frame, with frame:25" by 14", Sold             
Close up of KPM plaque KPM lady warrior Side of lady warrior figurine KPM oval bowl
Close up of large KPM plaque in Black Forest frame, Sold          KPM figure of a lady warrior,
face in shield, good condition,
7 inches, $1600.00
Side of KPM lady warrior, orb and septre mark       KPM bowl with flowers and bugs,
orb and septre marks, 13 inches, Sold
KPM plaque Madonna and Child KPM plaque KPM  plaque of lovers KPM figural group of four gardeners
 KPM plaque in black forest
frame of Madonna and Child, $5500.00
KPM plaque of lady with reflection of
candle light, late 19th century,
8" by 6" without frame, Sold
Signed KPM porcelain plaque of lovers,
with frame- 14" by 17", Sold

KPM figural group of four gardeners, 9 1/2" tall by 5" wide, Septre and orb mark, Price on Request


KPM figural group of wine makers Berlin KPM wide rim soups,each painted differently Set of 12 Berlin KPM plates,  each painted differently Berlin KPM serving bowls
KPM figural group of three wine makers, septre and orb mark, 8 1/2" tall by 5" wide, Price on Request Set of twelve Berlin, KPM wide rim soups all painted differently, 9 1/4 inches. 19th century, Price on Request. Set of 12 Berlin KPM dinner plates, each painted with different flower bouquets. 9 7/8 inches, 19th century, Price on Request Berlin KPM serving bowls, 19th century, each painted differently, 8 3/4 inches, $595.00 each. We also have a larger round bowl to go with these which is 9 1/2 inches, $795.00.


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