Crystal Stemware and Glass, Hawkes, Webb, St Louis, Venetian

Crystal Stemware and Glass, Hawkes Crystal, Webb Crystal, Baccarat Crystal
Crystal Stemware and Glass Selection, St Louis Crystal, Venetian Glass

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Gilded champagnes Hawkes set Moser glasses Aperitifs
7 gilded champagnes or sherbets with wreaths and bows, 4 1/2 inches, Sold       Hawkes crystal stemware set, 2 sets of 6 tumblers -5 & 4 inches, 6 wines-6", 11 cordials-4", 10 cordials-3 1/2", 5 sherbets, 5 inch tumblers,all sold except cordials      6 Moser goblets, 3 1/4", Sold       7 gilded aperitifs, 3 1/2 inches, bow and wreath decoration, Sold      
Champagnes Hawkes Crystal gilded stemware Crystal Hawkes
6 gilded champagnes, 4 1/4 inches, set is sold       Set of Hawkes crystal stemware, 4 water goblets-8" and 7 wine goblets-7", Sold       gilded crystal with bows and swags, 7 ports-4 1/2", 9 cordials-4", Price on Request      Hawkes stemware: 13 wines or waters-6 1/4",, 11 tall stem cordials-6", Sold     
Venetian Candlelabra Venetian Swan Candlesticks Webb Crystal More Webb crysta; stemware
Venetian candlelabra and vase centerpiece with dolphins, 8 1/2" wide by 7" tall, Price on Request.      Pair of Venetian candlesticks with figural swans, 8 1/2 inches tall, Sold       From a set of Web Crystal, 12 hollow stem champagnes-Sold and 11 finger bowls, Sold      More signed Webb crystal, 12 goblets, wine or waters, 12 ports, 12 cordials. Sold.      
Venetian Stemware Stemware Venetian Baccarat stemware More Baccarat
Venetian goblets with dolphin stems, 8 oversized waters-Sold, 5 red wines and 8 white wines. Sold       Venetian goblets, can be sold in pairs or in sets, two different sizes, Sold       Baccarat crystal stemware with birds, dogs, rabbits-12 goblets- Sold, 11 ports-$250 each,11 cordials-$195 each       Baccarat Crystal stemware with birds, dogs, rabbits-12 goblets- Sold, 11 ports-$250 each,11 cordials-$195 each      
Val St Lambert stemware Perfumes Venetian  Rare vase Champagnes French
Val Saint Lambert- decanter-Sold, 8 champagnes - $250 each, 5 cordials-$195.00 each       2 Balboa Venetian perfumes, original labels, Sold      Unusual vase with raised green jewels, 7 1/2 inches tall, Sold      11 gilded champagnes, 4 inches tall, $110.00 each      
End of day vase Demitasse French Sherberts Webb Webb sherberts
Victorian end of the day vase, 7 inches tall, $295.00       8 demitasse cups and saucers with raised gilding with bows and swags, Sold       8 signed Webb sherberts or desserts, 3 inches, $795.00       12 signed Webb sherbets or desserts with daisy design, 3 1/2 inches, Sold      

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