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KPM plaque Vienna Urn Vienna urn Meissen
KPM plaque of lady with reflection of candle
light, late 19th century,
8" by 6" without frame, Sold
Large Royal Vienna urn, with lady & cherub,
cobalt blue & gold, late 19th
century, 27" tall by 9"wide , Sold
Another view of Royal Vienna urn,
late 19th century, Sold
Fabulous Meissen centerpiece
on pedestal, ca-1860s-1870s, sold
Signed Wagner Watercolor Marble statue Bisque bust
Pirkenhammer portait plate signed Wagne
r with raised gilting, late 19th
century, Sold

Watercolor of lovers in the woods
signed A. Buzzi without frame,
8 1/4" by 10 1/2",
framed -14 1/2" by 16 1/2" , $1500.00

Marble statue of bather signed Pugi,
22" tall and 14 3/4" wide,
Sold, ca-1900-1920, Sold
Bisque bust of Madame Dubaury
signed Pajou, attributed to Sevres,
25"tall, 19"wide, Sold
Gouache Princess Lambelle KPM plaque in Black Forest frame Close up of KPM plaque
Gouache & watercolor, Courtship in the
Garden,signed A. Siginf,
framed-13" by 23', without
frame-11" by 21", Sold.
Marble bust of Princess de Lambelle
signed Verona, 26" tall, 19" wide,
sold, 19th century, Sold
Large KPM plaque in carved Black Forest
frame, raised carvings of knights and castles,
12 1/2" by 5 1/2" without frame,
with frame:25" by 14", Sold
Close up of large KPM plaque in Black Forest frame, Sold       
Signed Wang Wedgwood dancers Wedgwood plaque Lady  plaque
Oil on canvas signed Albert Wang,
Wedgwood plaque in frame,
1890s-1920s, without frame- 3" by 9",
with frame, 13 1/2" by 8", Sold
Wedgwood plaque in frame,
1890s-1920s, without frame 3" by 9",
with frame- 13 1/4" by 8", Sold
Wedgwood plaque of lady, before 1890s,
7" by 4 3/4" without frame, Sold
Girl with bird plaque Porcelain plaque of Echo signed Wagner Porcelain Plaque of lady in Venetian frame Cherub plaques
Porcelain plaque of lady with
bird signed Dittrich in Venetian
frame, 4" by 6"-without frame,
with frame, 91/2" by 8",
late 19th century, Sold
Hutchenreuther porcelain plaque
of Echo artist signed Wagner,
ca-1890s-1900,without frame:
7" by 4 3/4", with frame:
14" by 16", Sold.

Porcelain plaque of lovely lady
with book in Venetian frame,
without frame: 3 3/4" by 5 1/2",
with frame,,14" by 10", Sold.

Pair of cherub porcelain painted
plaques artist signed, late 19th-
early 20th century, without
frame - 4 3/4" by 3 1/2", Sold
French clock Empire clock Lover plaques Bronze and marble clock with Marti works
French hand painted clock with raised
gilding, working condition, 13 1/2",
ca-1900, Sold
French Empire clock, working condition,
18 1/2" tall, rings on hour and
half hour, Sold
Pair of French hand painted porcelain plaques,
artist signed, ca-1900, without the
frame-4 1/2" by 3 1/2", Sold
Fabulous French Bronze and marble
clock with Marti works signed Boudebine,
France. Height-22 inches tall, 11 inches wide
and 13 1/2 inches wide on top. Working
order. Circa 1880s-1890s. Sold.

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