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Our goal is to provide a shopping place where you can find those one of a kind rare antiques that you have been looking for, but couldn't find anywhere else.

For twenty five years prior to the creation of our website at www.elegantfindingsantiques.com, Elegant Findings Antiques has been serving customers from all over the world.

ElegantFindingsAntiques.com marketplace has a wonderful collection of Antique China. For twenty five years, Elegant Findings Antiques has been a popular Boston antique store specializing in fine china. We search for antique porcelain that you can't find anywhere else.

Our love for beautiful hand-painted china has led us to search far and wide to find our rare and beautiful collection of antique china from around the world. At this time, we would like to invite you to join us to shop at our online antique store, which has a fabulous selection of antique porcelain. Each piece of china has been hand picked carefully for its individual beauty, detail and its great condition.

Whenever our customers have come to Boston for business or pleasure, they've made sure they had time to visit and shop at Elegant Findings Antiques. Now, for the conveniece of our satisfied customers and for all of the future customers we haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, we would like to provide you with an exciting and convenient internet shopping experience.

We have great news. Elegant Findings Antiques would like to introduce all of our wonderful customers to our new Mobile Friendly Website at elegantfindingsantiques.net. We will continue to have our original website at elegantfindingsantiques.com until all our customers find us at elegantfindingsantiques.net. We hope you will visit and enjoy our new website at elegantfindingsantiques.net. Thank you.

Elegant Findings Antiques
89 Charles Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02114
(617) 973-4844

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